GrandMaster Shashona WindWater wellness home

“My WindWater Home Collection is inspired by my spiritual journey through the sacred images of
nature depicted in the philosophy of Feng Shui, based upon the teachings of the I Ching. The
essences of WindWater captures the emotion and atmosphere of the Imperial Mountains, Waters
and Wind. I offer jewelry designs that capture the beauty I found upon my personal journeys in the
Far East. The Black Diamonds represent personal stepping stones to learn the most valuable
lessons of life.”

windwater animal door guardians

Summer giggling buddha Guardian Soul of the Eagle. Leadership & Courage Shop

Winter Dolphin giggling buddha Creativity, Harmony & Good Luck

Spring Dragon giggling buddha Strength, Growth & Blessing

Autumn Turtle giggling buddha Family, Nurturer & Protection

WindWater Ancient Sage Advice Placement:
Inside the Door- Balance Interior Alignment Outside The Door- Privacy

WindWater Yoga- Guardian Activation:

Hold the crystal Door Guardians in both hands, voice your intentions out loud. “I have designed each Guardian with the highest good of all, with Love and with Light.”

GrandMaster Shashona