GrandMaster "Red String" Blessings

The Karma Red String Story

My Art designed Glamour-ist Red String- Wear to bring Protection, Success & Good Luck!
P.S. It’s all in your hands, right! Wear on your right hand, never take me off-- Feel like a Million!

Red Karma String Blessings
1. Do one thing a day- that brings you joy.
2. Create downtime- 3x a day.
3. Connect to inner Spirit, Meditate & Jewel Juvenate daily.
4. Set your intention that inspires you for the day- week- year.
5. Breathe- Inhale & Exhale 3x.
6. Ground yourself, say “I am”.
7. Uplift- count your blessings, not sleep.
8. Receive my blessings.