My Story

The grandmaster Invite- Reach for the Stars
Every artisan rondelle is designed as a spacer (breathe) specifically embellished with Black Diamonds for you to Chant, Sing and Meditate. The reflective Black Diamonds will bring light to Earth, to illuminate your Inner Goddess with passion-- showering you with a host of blessings! My rare Black Diamonds capture the Inner “Spirit” of the shimmering caves, waters and mountains found in both Africa and Asia-- designed especially for you to enjoy your daily rituals. The reminder to “sound your mantra” bravely to the world. Be Calm, Be Still, Be Strong. Imagine seeing the world through the eyes of your childhood. The grandmaster will guide you with love. Follow your heart with Imagination, Protection and yes, Glamour!

“Romancing the Stone”-The Black Diamonds

Culture, Mythology, Luxury--Glamour!“

Carole Shashona identifies the world surrounding her clientele. Employing exotic formulas that echo the iconic style fused with the glamour of the most classic stars of Hollywood's golden era.”My Black Diamond Collections was inspired by my spiritual journey through the sacred images of naturedepicted in the philosophy of Shan Shui Art. Based on the teachings of the I Ching, Shan Shui capturesthe emotion and atmosphere of the mountains and waters, and I wanted to design a line of jewelry that also captured the beauty I found in my personal journeys in the far East. The Black Diamonds represent the reflecting stones I saw in the mountain streams as I walked with my Master and learned some of the most valuable lessons of my life. As an art form, Shan Shui evokes a sanctuary of peace, patience, and harmony. My jewelry was inspired and designed to evoke and maintain those meditative qualities in whomever wears it, to follow them throughout their day and to remind them of their dreams and desires. Like all of my designs, every piece in my Black Diamond Collection works like a life compass, keeping the wearer on course toward personal happiness