About Carole Shashona Jewelry – The Brand

Carole Shashona is a unique American lifestyle designer with European roots and Asian training. For the past decade she’s been a major personality in the world of Feng Shui as well as home and jewelry design.


What is Designer Fine Jewelry?

A treat is an unexpected source of joy, delight, or amusement. A retreat is a sanctuary, a place of rest and privacy. Sensory design is about nurturing yourself with color and with energy. The world is a kaleidoscope of colors, all of which penetrate-go within-us in various ways. Energy can align, expand, compress, enhance. Sensory designs/Inspiration /Sensory is about using a kaleidoscope of colors for your home and fashion palettes. Carole’s jewelry is specifically designed to uplift your Spirit by: restoring, recharging, relaxing and replenishing our inner sanctuary.

Each bracelet consists of a center bead which is symbolic of the wearer. There are two triggers (energy enhancers specifically placed on each side of the center bead). There are gold or silver rondelles– spacers–which remind the wearer to take a breath.There is also an Asian coin symbolic of protection and of an exchange of energy between myself and the wearer. Every bracelet is artisan created-not machine made-in the USA. And just as every person is a unique jewel in this world, each bracelet is unique. Whether made of jewels, there are natural variances to remind us that no two people are ale. Enjoy, uplift and energize.


It’s all about “U”:

  • About re-energizing
  • Luxury jewelry you can afford
  • A treat for yourself or a loved one
  • Jewelry to look and feel beautiful Evoke Beauty


“U” can:

  • Wear these jewels singularly
  • Mix these jewels with even the most extravagant designer jewelry


Carole Shashona Black Diamonds:

Carole recommends wearing your bracelet on the left arm, the most direct conduit to your heart center. Every bracelet will help the wearer to replenish, recharge, renew and relax.

Symbolism Quality for Coin

As with an ancient custom I give to you the coin of protection. Artisan designed specifically to offer Peace and Harmony, hold your coin when meditating to create positivity and abundance. The meditation blessings coin is meant to be worn constantly, offering a reminder to meditate on–the–go.

Symbolism Quality for Bracelet

Wear your Artisan Carole Shashona bracelet on your left wrist and hold the coin charm while meditating anytime, anywhere. Reset your mind and give yourself an energy boost to fulfill all your dreams and desires!

Symbolism Quality for Black Diamond

A magical place seeped in mystery and enchantment – lay the caves under the canopy of the open skies. Shimmering and Dazzling, await to be discovered and mined, casting a luminescent glow on the sides of the cave walls, The Carole Shashona Black Diamonds capture natures elements, a symbol with special meanings – vibrating the energies of the Earth to support Protection, Passion & Empowerment.

Inspiration for Collections

The Carole Shashona Jewelry and Home collections are inspired by her design consultations with her clients requests for additional support. After conferring with the manuscripts given to her by Master Leung, cShashona has created what is known today – portable energizers.

This concept integrates today's luxury jewelry with the unique spiritual edge for "Wellness." Carole Shashona's mission is to encourage Harmony to each wearer, and Harmony to the world.