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The Glamour-ist High Vibe Jewelry

The Glamour-ist Goddess is my storytelling. I am recognized as the Modern Master- High Priestess for
fashion, jewelry and spirituality with a flair for “Boheme” moments. I was first introduced to Pop Culture by the fabled Andy Warhol, mentoring while painting my portrait in the legendary Factory. These memories have guided my designs rich with symbolism and color, evoking creativity to my Arts. My
Jewelry Collections are designed for the Goddess who seeks Glamour with the edge of Spirit! The unique Black Diamond rondelles with my signature coin will channel higher frequency for harmony. Jewel Juvenate will help you to embrace inner vibrations as you meditate/chant for higher self-awareness and a fruitful life.

jewel juvenate

My passion for Beauty- Glamour with Spirit is the powerful tool for today's modern Goddess, to attract harmony and joy while sharing a deep respect for luxury and culture. The Glamour-ist Goddess is the path to spiritual awareness. Each Goddess you embrace is a mirror to your higher consciousness, the key to higher self-awareness. My High Jewelry Collections feature Black Diamond rondelles, my signature coin will offer Jewel Juvenate to the wearer. While each piece has an edge to convey sophistication, with a little whimsy to celebrate Goddess Enrichment & Spirit Enchantment.

Glamour-ist Style- Carefree Spirit. Glamour with cheeky style! Eclectic, Playful & Opulent.

Carole Shashona High Jewelry- Elongated necklace, bracelet with small earrings to match.

Glamour-ist Style- with a sense of Maximalism. Bring it on- the more, the merrier- Gems of course!

Carole Shashona High Jewelry- Add color and elongate the body line with bold earrings. Add mid-length necklaces, add pendant focus.

Glamour-ist Style- It’s all about Luxury and Glamour, with a pop of color!

Carole Shashona High Jewelry- Small earrings and necklace that sit close to the collarbone. Hoops coordinated with a fabulous tiered/opera length necklace. Wear colorful necklaces close to the face.

Glamour-ist Style- Dramatic & Elegant with an edge of Spirit.

Carole Shashona High Jewelry- Medium earrings and short necklaces with a pendant focus.

Glamour-ist Style- Casual Chic, don’t take yourself seriously. It’s all about having fun, with fashion!

                Carole Shashona High Jewelry- Hoop earrings, embellished necklaces and a statement bracelet.

Glamour-ist Style- Auspicious & reserved style with “over the top”, feminine chic.

Carole Shashona High Jewelry- Green Jade Talisman Bracelet

Icon for Beauty and Harmony.