High Priestess "Golden" Bracelets

I am the Modern Master- The High Priestess with the art flair for "Bohemian" style. My fascination to the pop culture was ignited after meeting the legendary Andy Warhol, mentoring as he painted my portrait in the renowned "Factory".

Enjoy wearing the "Golden" Coin, enhanced with Black Diamonds-- Channel energy for luck & success-- Let's move your energy with Glamour & Spirit.

High Priestess- Jewel Juvenation Toning

Precious Metals & Black Diamonds--"Don't just wear"
The High Priestess "Golden" Coin will have you-- Sprint to Glamour & Spirit
Purify "Golden" Coin-
Soothe for better meditation, sleep patterns.
Empower "Golden" Coin-
Illuminate the power within
Luck & Success-- to Feel like a Million!

Glamour-ist Style- Carefree Spirit. Glamour with cheeky style! Eclectic, Playful & Opulent.

Carole Shashona High Jewelry- Elongated necklace, bracelet with small earrings to match.

Glamour-ist Style- with a sense of Maximalism. Bring it on- the more, the merrier- Gems of course!

Carole Shashona High Jewelry- Add color and elongate the body line with bold earrings. Add mid-length necklaces, add pendant focus.

Glamour-ist Style- It’s all about Luxury and Glamour, with a pop of color!

Carole Shashona High Jewelry- Small earrings and necklace that sit close to the collarbone. Hoops coordinated with a fabulous tiered/opera length necklace. Wear colorful necklaces close to the face.

Glamour-ist Style- Dramatic & Elegant with an edge of Spirit.

Carole Shashona High Jewelry- Medium earrings and short necklaces with a pendant focus.

Glamour-ist Style- Casual Chic, don’t take yourself seriously. It’s all about having fun, with fashion!

                Carole Shashona High Jewelry- Hoop earrings, embellished necklaces and a statement bracelet.

Glamour-ist Style- Auspicious & reserved style with “over the top”, feminine chic.

Carole Shashona High Jewelry- Green Jade Talisman Bracelet

Icon for Beauty and Harmony.