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I welcome you to Carole Shashona’s Design & Decoration In-Store Online Services.

The Design & Decoration consultation strand is an approach to a specific project and objectives. Each consultation is chosen by you, the client, with guidance from Carole Shashona, Feng Shui, Grand Master. Your personal consultation works best when the business framework is built to support your efforts properly. The Design & Decoration blends the principles of Feng Shui with the foundation of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) to create Sensory Designs. The Five Energies of Harmony is created in design.


The High Priestess Design & Decoration Program

Discovery- Private Client Session

“The ancient way to happiness.”

The Design & Decoration program is an organized energy alignment to manage the interaction of color, function and aroma with form- to offer the fusion for design environments.

  • Enhance Health & Wellness to pervade all aspects for emotional, social and environmental functions.
  • The Design & Decoration process is personalized journey, based upon the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of each client.

“Perfection is achieved only with continuous flow of positive energy.”


Design & Decoration Whisper- Extra Sensory Perception

Sensory Design- Private Client

Session one- Exploratory step- Design & Decoration Whisper

  • The first step to creating a warm, nurturing and empowering environment is to analyze your space and determine what adjustments should be made. Carole Shashona will provide you recommendations to empower a specific room and environment.

“Come journey on the ancient celestial path to harmony in your life.”


Blueprint Dusting & Discovery

Design & Decoration Zone- Private Client

Carole Shashona will provide specific recommendations with blue print information to align directional flow and enhance personal goals with Sensory Design. This analysis will provide you with personal energy flow, helping to clear energy blocks to achieve your objectives. Carole Shashona will acquire the client’s Eastern and Western horoscope, helping to define spatial alignment & objectives and blueprint in concordance with client’s profile.

“Experience the creation of harmony in your life.”


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