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The Giggling Buddha Goddess Collection
Grandmaster Shashona’s Mind Body Style™ Renews and Nurtures

Through Visual Serenity

The Giggling Buddha Goddess Collection
Legend holds that each person has his or her own legacy. While many do not realize their
potential for greatness, mastery & enchantment— the Buddha Goddess unleashes your passion
for life, love and wellness with beauty, always surrounding you. May the Buddha Goddess
symbol of light and laughter, be with you.

Athena Goddess Bracelet
In Greek mythology, Athena is the goddess of wisdom, known for being noble, just, and benevolent. Daughter of Zeus, she was a force of strength and logic. The Athena Goddess bracelet is a reminder of the wisdom you carry deep within yourself.

Persephone Goddess Bracelet
Greek mythology tells the story of a stunning young woman out picking flowers in a field when she is kidnapped and taken to the underworld. It is said that when she left the earth, the flowers and vegetation wilted and died, but when she returned everything sprang to life again. Such is the story of Persephone, goddess of spring and fertility. The camel bone beads of this bracelet are emblematic of Persephone’s loveliness and purity, while the black diamond enhancers represent fertility. This bracelet is a symbol of female empowerment and grace.

Diana Goddess Bracelet
Diana was the goddess of nature, light, healing, and fertility. Many also honor her as the goddess of women. The Diana Goddess bracelet captures nature’s spirit with the tiger’s eye and black diamond beads. The tiger’s eye invokes spiritual well-being while the black diamond here invokes virtue. This bracelet is a testament to nature’s
enduring spirit.

Aphrodite Goddess Bracelet
Love, passion, beauty: Aphrodite. Legend says the Greek goddess was so beautiful that anyone who laid eyes upon her would be enchanted and enticed to fall in love. The black diamond enhancer beads represent beauty, while the malachite beads surrounding the diamonds are meant to inspire well-being, creativity, and prosperity. The Aphrodite
Goddess bracelet serves as a reminder of the love and beauty within our world.

Imperial Dragon Goddess Bracelet
Representing the dragon’s Strength Power and Good Luck for those who wear it.

Imperial Empress Bracelet
Good luck! and long life- is the theme for the green Jade Imperial Goddess, conferring immortality, beauty, and harmony. The goddess to inspire well-being, creativity and prosperity with intentional clarity.