My Passion- Mission & Dreams


My High Jewelry Collections are exclusive designer “Portable Energizers”!

My passion- To encourage the Goddess metamorphosis, celebrating the “Goddess,” that resides within you!


Life is valuable. The Earth is beautiful and sacred. The need for guidance via jewelry designs will define your life with Beauty, Understanding, Diversity and Humbleness. This statement is my mission, a very significant part for my High Jewelry Collections, combining Culture, Art with Spirit.


The High Priestess— Carole Shashona Brand


Influenced by a unique fusion of Jewelry Design, Fashion, Lifestyle with Creative Arts, Carole has always set her imprint on the world as an “Iconoclast”. The Carole Shashona brand is an assemblage of fashion, empowerment and luxury. With a rich education spanning nearly two decades of living in Asia where she studied the art of Feng Shui, Carole Shashona became the first Asian-trained American woman to be given the title Grand Master—the highest honor that can be granted in the centuries-old Chinese system.


Recognized as an authority on jewelry Fitness & Fashion, Carole is the author of Feng Shui Chic, published by Simon and Schuster. By bringing her particular blend of spirit and style to a much wider audience, the book quickly became a fashion “must have.” Currently —from styling celebrities to jewelry design—Carole’s signature approach has made her an authority in the fashion world. Her designs have been featured in Bazaar, Glamour, Elle, W, and Vogue.


The Most exclusive New York Jewelry Designer, Caroles Iconic jewelry collections were highlighted and the featured designer to Barney’s, for the past 10 years. The High Priestess Lifestyle Brand- CSMD features “Luxury, Jewelry with an Edge.”


Brand—Carole Shashona Lifestyle- CSMD



Carole Shashona is the “only” accredited American Honored Grand Feng Shui Master, Asian- trained, residing in Hong Kong. Author of Feng Shui Chic, published by Simon and Schuster, combined Feng Shui teachings with Mind, Body and Spirit to match energy with fashion. Shortly after, Carole developed products to bridge the void in the Health and Wellness lifestyle. As the US commoditized and diminished the Feng Shui space, Carole took her ancient secrets to transform them to contemporary High Jewelry Designs, exclusively at Barneys New York, for well over a decade.


The High Priestess- Jewel Juvenation.

I was first introduced to Pop Art culture by the fabled Andy Warhol, mentoring while painting my portrait in the legendary Factory. These shared memories have guided my designs, rich with symbolism and color, evoking creativity to my arts. My Jewelry Collection are designed for the Goddess who seeks Glamour with the Edge of Spirit! My unique Black Diamond rondelles with coin, will channel higher vibrational frequency for harmony.