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Shashona’s Hospitality design work and Lifestyle consultations are for individuals, private residences, corporate groups, and commercial spaces in major metropolitan areas such as New York, Los Angeles, Tokyo, and London.


Shashona’s Brand bridges the aesthetics of contemporary design concepts with woven spiritual diversity for glamour for High Jewelry & Home Juvenation with Culture, Luxury and Glamour.


Becoming a Grand Feng Shui Master is not an easy task. One is chosen for this distinction as a worthy disciple based upon the Master’s belief the pupil has a gift for this ancient Chinese art. Master Leung saw this gift in Carole Shashona, coupled with her determination and passion to embrace the lifestyle of harmony and abundance Feng Shui accords. Her teachings over 25 years encompass the complex art of using the luo pan, or Chinese compass, in her work. Few Practitioners have this skill. It was only upon Master Leung’s death in the early 1990’s that Carole Shashona was permitted to take on his title of Master.


In the USA, she continued her studies under Master Lin Yun. This education afforded her the distinct title of B.T.B. after her name, indicating that she is a part of the Black Hat Sect Tantric Buddhist School of Feng Shui. It is highly unusual for a Western woman to be Chinese-trained, and even more unique to have proficiency in two complex schools of Feng Shui. Carole. Shashona is the only Western woman to achieve this honor.


Following her Feng Shui training, Carole Shashona partnered with Louis Haye and Barbara Brennan to establish the Center of Living in New York, a destination promoting health and wellness. She also studied under Dr. Annmarie Colbin, the originator of Macrobiotics.


Carole Shashona has been at the forefront of introducing and expanding the concept of Feng Shui as well as Zen to the American market. She was chosen as the expert to launch Shiseido’s new fragrance. She has appeared on a variety of television shows from CBS’s “The Talk” to QVC. Carole has been featured in such publications as W, Cosmopolitan, Town & Country, Elle, New York Times and New York Daily News. Carole’ Shashona’s High Jewelry designs have been adored and adorned on the wrists of many celebrities.


To add to her credentials, Carole Shashona is a graduate of the prestigious F.I.T. and New York School of Interior Design. Carole authored the book, “Feng Shui Chic” by Simon and Schuster.

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The GrandMaster Blue Collection

I was first introduced to Pop Art culture by the fabled Andy Warhol, mentoring while painting my portrait in the legendary Factory. These shared memories have guided my designs, rich with symbolism and color, evoking creativity to my arts.

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Blue Mist- Inhalation & Juvenation- Purify & Empower


GrandMaster Shashona WindWater luxury redefined- jewelry

My Jewelry Collection is designed for the Goddess who wears Glamour with the Edge of Spirit. Embellished with Black Diamond rondelles with coin, will channel higher vibrational frequency for Harmony, Prosperity and Protection, with multiple Blessings. To wear- don your High Priestess Talisman on your left wrist to help you fulfill all your dreams and desires.