Muse Rooms & Garden Design

Humankind is always evolving, and fortunately today, we’ve developed a deeper understanding and appreciation for “living well”. Most human history is about the Quest to live longer, fight disease and access better nutrition. But with all our advances and pocket-size computers, Home as we know it, has been sacrificed.


Many of us now work from home; and this changes how our private space- our actual home- Nurtures us. As a way to connect or find peace, we go outside to gyms, yoga studios seeking to meditate, exercise and motivate. At the same time, the traditional office space has also changed.


More Employers and private clients seek to offer “quiet spaces” (in some cases, game rooms) because they know it fosters creativity; and ultimately, productivity and profitability. I call these Sacred Spaces Muse Rooms/Garden Design- and they can be designed for your home or outside professional space.


*Carole Shashona Design and Decoration coordinates color, sound, touch and scent.


“Yin & Yang is the Tao.”

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