wellness redefined is color "u" energetics- glamour

some of our gemstones are warm and soothing, offering you comfort and relaxation. our bright and lively gem colors will uplift your feelings, for your party night out. select vibrant stones to capture your business day for focus and lower stress naturally. enjoy posh style with color "U" glamour: It's a perfect way to start your day!

color "u" energetics- glamour

Your body is your home, so the power of color has a combined effect for both.
When considering harmonious living, it’s important to consider your own body and your home
together, and how color can be managed as energy for your vitality and success.
While every individual and home are unique, here’s a few universal principles that we employ.
We always have FUN!

Spring- Fresh

color u gemstones black diamond helps to relax.

enjoy the feeling of a warm hug. windwater color u gemstones turquoise fresh and sensual, it feels good and calm. it's like stepping out of a shower and feeling less stressed.

Summer- Bright

color u gemstones yellow/citrine or orange/carnelian/coral. A great way to start the day. it's fresh and sparkly - a shot of energy, bringing positive thoughts, zesty!

Autumn- Natural

color u gemstones topaz/tigers eye balance your mind. focus with less anxiety.

windwater color u gemstonesT sapphires luxurious, sweet, reflective, and relaxing. oftentimes, it evokes childhood playfulness and fantasy.

Winter- Dark/Muted

color u gemstones ruby/garnet with an element of spice, it adds ice on the rose. it transports you on an ocean liner to adventure.

color u gemstones emerald opulent exudes confidence, perfect for meetings or special occasions. its green and cream color will uplift confidence, giving you a power posture and opulence, je ne sai quoi. it's an extra boost of energy!

Warm colors- stimulators
Cool colors- relaxers Cool and warm color together to blend- creating a balance of the energy

Color U pink- think pink... Hot pink, sugar almond pink, (compatible with red and violets) salmon which is complimentary to turquoise (for health and wellness)

Soothing Aqua- blue and green cooler tones which create a cleansing and calming
feeling citrus green lime green sage green forest green bamboo green these tones are dramatic with red and orange (harmonic color combo blue and yellow)

Tranquil blue- cool blues- enhance tranquility from deep blue (fresh and energetic) pale blue (open and airy)

Sunshine yellow- cheerful yellow lifts spirit and energy - warm tones brighten and lighten rooms and wardrobe - citrus lemon is sultry ochre yellow works well blue purple and even green

Calming lavender- between blue and red - this is a mix of warm and cool tones- you can create a warm and perky energy with tomes of LAV and Violet and used with green pink and orange this will energize the color

Pastel hues- raspberry pink, pale blue lilac vanilla mint green, which compliment each other and also is inspiring these colors create balance for harmony