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“The ancient way to happiness.”

Slow Living Pro Design Program is an organized energy alignment to manage the interaction of color, function and aroma with form- to offer the fusion for design environments.

  • Enhance Health & Wellness to pervade all aspects for emotional, social and environmental functions.
  • The Design & Decoration process is a personalized journey, based upon the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of each client.

“Perfection is achieved only with continuous flow of positive energy.”


Slow Living Pro Design Whisper- Extra Sensory Perception

Session one- Exploratory step-

The first step to creating a warm, nurturing and empowering environment is to analyze your space and determine what adjustments should be made. Carole Shashona will provide you recommendations to empower a specific room and environment.

“Come journey on the ancient celestial path to harmony in your life.”


Blueprint Dusting & Discovery

Carole Shashona will provide specific recommendations for blue print alignment and directional flow to enhance goals with Slow Living Pro Design.

“Experience the creation of harmony in your life.”