High Priestess Guidance

The Paintbox Color U Energy®- Touchstone Wheel

I have designed a Touchstone guidance wheel, for you to explore and increase your knowledge for fashion and a healthier Life and Style.

This application of color with Touchstone and fashion placement, is what I call a sensual experience. This “multi sensual” experience is where you manipulate your senses, to point in a new era from traditional selections for creative choices in your fashion style.

The Color U Energy® Touchstone Wheel is designed to support and guide the authentic self expression, for your highest vision and deepest desires.

Art creates its own life, The Carole Shashona Touchstone Jewelry is Art- Express it!


Paintbox Touchstones

Garnet Guidance- Deepen the connection to the Heart, Love & Desire.

Ruby Guidance- Protection for health. Guides misfortune.

Lapis Lazuli Guidance- Bring Harmony, Wisdom & Spiritual growth.

Amethyst Guidance- Spiritual protection. Calming and healing energies, offers clarity of thought.

Aquamarine Guidance- Relieves stress and alleviates fear. A meditation stone to protect.

Diamond Guidance- The Ancients used diamonds to detox and lift depression. A stone for Love, Faith & Commitment.

Emerald Guidance- Growth and fertility, secures a happy marriage.

Pearl Guidance-The sacred feminine known as “medicine from the sea”. Aligns the feminine Power and Wisdom.

Jade Guidance- The stone of Serenity and Prosperity.

Onyx Guidance- Positive energies and protection, banishes negative thoughts and emotions and offers Courage.

Turquoise Guidance- Connects to your dreams to manifest and prosper. A Good Luck stone.

Spinel Guidance- A cure for depression. Relieves worry and stress to bring back Joy to life.

Sapphire Guidance- Known asthe clear sky & open sea. A stone for Loyalty and healing, offers Creativity and Insight.

Citrine Guidance- Vitality, Love & Affection. Uplifts self esteem and strengthens will power. The optimistic stone.

Topaz Guidance- Affections, Truth & Friendship.

Rose Quartz Guidance- Gentle love. Repels negative energy. Known as “the appreciation of the arts” and healer of emotions.

Tiger Eye Guidance- Converts anxiety and fear to positive action.

Black Diamond Guidance- Encourages Spiritual Growth, Wisdom & Protection. It is said,“those who wear Black Diamonds will find Beauty and Peace”.

Tourmaline Guidance- Stone for Nurturing.

Malachite Guidance- Stone for Prosperity.

Wood Guidance- Promotes Love and Understanding.

Camel Bone- Empower, Prosperity & Love.



How to Charge & Care your Touchstone

Crystals and stones have been used for healing for centuries. Cleanse and charge Touchstones regularly to refresh. You may wish to recharge the energy by placing them in sunlight for 6 hrs and then place them in the moonlight overnight.


Water Energy- Place in water with 1 tsp of sea salt when cleaning, please state your intentions for Prosperity, Health & Love and remember to thank your stone as a companion on your life's path.

Salt Energy- Place your Touchstone in salt, cover your stone for 3 hrs to recharge. Wipe with soft cloth after.


Spiritual Guidance Color- Touchstone Wisdom

Body Energy Chakra Center

Each Chakra- Mood is associated with Color & Stone

Crown Energy Center Color U Energy®- Purple

Third Eye Energy Center Color U Energy®- Indigo

Throat Energy Center Color U Energy®- Blue

Heart Energy Center Color U Energy®- Green

Solar Plexus Energy Center Color U Energy®- Yellow

Sacral Energy Center Color U Energy®- Orange

Root Energy Center Color U Energy®- Red


The Throat and Third Eye enhancement is Touchstone Sapphire- Sounds and Communication uplift the vocal chords. These colors and stones will remove negative feelings, depression & lighten up the mood for emotional balance.


Touchstone Spiritual Guidance

Birthday Enhancement

January Garnet Guidance- Enlightenment & Radiance

February Amethyst Guidance- Peace and Serenity, Protection against deceit.

March Aquamarine Guidance- For Love and Hope to soothe and calm.

April Diamond Guidance- Ethereal endurance, Love and Faithfulness.

May Emerald Guidance- See into the future, Love and Fertility.

June Pearl Guidance- Marriage and modesty, Nurture and Sacred

July Ruby Guidance- Harmony to the wearer, positive vibes.

August Spinel Guidance- Protection and calming, stress relief.

September Sapphire Guidance- Faith and Protection positive virtues.

October Yellow Topaz Guidance- Loyalty and Healing.

November Citrine Guidance- Strengthen the mind for Vitality.

December Turquoise Guidance- Good Luck and Happiness for a prosperous life.


Touchstone Vibrational Energy for the week- What day were you born?

Sunday Child- Topaz

Monday Child- Pearl

Tuesday Child- Ruby

Wednesday Child- Amethyst

Thursday Child- Sapphire

Friday Child- Emerald

Saturday Child- Turquoise