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A client’s coordinating bridge with Architects, Designers and Landscapers.

“Room Tao”, interior design is Based on Ancient Secrets of Chinese Motivation.


Feng Shui is the ancient Asian art of placement for harmonious living. Conventional Western design takes into consideration all things related to architectural space, color composition and textures, era furnishings,fixtures and fittingsand the basic planning from wall finishings, blinds and curtains, flooring to art.


My unique interior design services are a perfect composite born of my Feng Shui Master teachings coupled with my design expertise as accredited member of the A.S.I.D. (American Society of Interior Designers). This form of interior designwhich I call “Room Tao”, is quite different from that of Western culture. It’s not about any individual pieces of furniture adding up to a look. Instead, it’s the way all pieces are combined in the context of a distinctive background to provide a feeling, as well as a look. My expertise lies in knowing how different stylesfrom different periodscan blend to reflect each client’s individual personality, creating a tranquil, nurturing and enjoyable environmentdesirable for any 21st century home.


My service is respectful and ever mindful of the internal beauty that each client brings to our work together. My goal is to help all clients make decisions that not only help beauty shine through their own personalities, but also help them discover a new level of passion within both heart and home.


People create homes for many practical and impractical reasons as forshelter, safety, comfort, delightand show- a part of the Western perspective. The Tao practice, given to only a few, is guided by motives that may not seem strictly practical, but will fulfill a universal need to personalize and adorn living spaces. This design philosophy is based on the revered Ten Thousand Truths of the Universe which incorporates the ancient secrets of Chinese motivation.


I help clients design each room, enhancing it with color energy and selected furnishings that are stylish, yet intricate. The Asians place much merit on thequality of home as such merit carries a high quality of energy. This positive energy enables your body to feel nurtured, enrichingall who enter this beautiful home.


As a client you might ask,“What will my home look like when it comes together?”“Will it give me the sort of place I envision?” To help you accomplish seamless coordination, I will organize the proposals by architects, fellow designers and landscapers with information about colors, textures andstyles that will and won’t work together.


My unique “Room Tao” contribution brings inmy knowledge and experience of an ancient art that has been taught to only a few. From there, we proceed to create a uniquely tranquil, harmonious, natural home environment. A surrounding designed to bring you serenity, greater achievement, and affluence. My work is dedicated to bringing this truth into your life.