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Create the Power to Know You

I am delighted to invite you to join me… in the fashion closet. I have developed Metastyle, your personal Fashion Concierge Service to enhance your life with body enhancement and Goddess Style. After receiving your photograph and true measurements, I Shop!


Fashion Enlightenment/ The Naked Goddess Repertoire

Metastyle Discovery- Private Client

Provides in- depth analysis for The Fashion Goddess profile.


  • Discover what colors/body silhouettes coordinate with your Five Goddess energies.
  • Enhance your fashion persona for work, play and social.

“I only know how to play one role, me” Karl Lagerfeld


Shop with Carole- Luxury Style with a Spiritual Flair

Carole Shashona brings the store to you. Experience Metastyle session in your home, the ultimate shopping experience-- for your convenience.


Session A- Fashion Chic

  • Work
  • Day to nightwear
  • Chic/Occasion


Nirvana Goddess Enhancement

Session B- Accessories

  • Accessory pairings/fashion style
  • Shoes, Handbags & more!


Tips & Tricks Secrets from the Metasylist

Session C a)- Jewelry

Goddess on the go. Capture your spirit with jewel jewels for your gem energy edge.


Session C b)- Cosmetics & Scents

Uplift your Goddess persona with makeup and scent. Learn your best features, beguiling parts and natural beauty. This signature session will have you walk with confidence in Glamour and Sacredness.

  • Daytime, Nighttime & Fantasy beauty


Goddess Energy Empowerment- Silent Language

Body Communication- Private Client

Gestures, posture, eye contact & subtle energies sent out through body language and color- silent language. As your energy coach I will identify the priority areas to work on. We will look at your goals together and then design a plan and time frame in which to address the issues at hand. We will combine exercises in communication including non-verbal, body language and visual strategies.

“I know what women want, they want to be Beautiful”- Valentino


Finale- N/C

Goddess Compliments- Private Client


“You look fabulous today”, a compliment that will be your mantra to uplift your posture & mood. Your Metastyle will create a new positive attitude having you feel glamorous, celebrating the Sacredness for the Goddess Gem within & blessings from Carole as you walk forward.


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“Love and Success the Feng Shui Way. Feng Shui Chic is a lot more fun to read than Doctor Phil.”

- Penelope Green, Sunday Times


“Carole’s application of Feng Shui to my wardrobe has helped me in ways I never imagined. I wouldn't

trust just anyone, but I trust Carole completely.”

- Julie Chen


Concierge High Priestess Design and Decoration Invite!