Goddess Intention

The Goddess Collection

Awaken your Senses, Let’s Slow-Motion Style. Every Carole Shashona Touchstone formation offers well-being to the wearer. The Goddess six energies will embrace beauty with uplifting energies. Each Goddess icon will support the six natural energies, to boost abundance to your life with beauty and uplifting energy.

Let’s Slow-Motion Life & Style

Own your “6” Goddesses

Inspire Goddess

Black Onyx- Goddess Athena- Repel negativity and bad vibes with creativity and flow. Release self-doubt and become inspired and focused.

Love Goddess

Amethyst- Goddess Aphrodite- The Goddess of Love and Passion. Unlock spiritual growth to bring emotional empowerment Harnessing expression, to express love and to be loved. Ignites the fire energy to enhance the heart's passion for secret desires and fullmient.

Prosper Goddess

Malachite- Imperial Dragon Goddess- Represents the Green Dragon’s strength and power. An energizing stone alluring prosperity and richness to life.

Protect Goddess

Camel Bone- Goddess Persephone- A protector and healing Touchstone. The sacred symbol of female empowerment and grace, the Goddess of wisdom and nobility

Nurture Goddess

Tigers Eye- Goddess Diana- The Goddess of nature, light, healing and protection. Offers peace to nurture the heart, embraces harmony with protection. Evokes Spiritual well-being.

The 6th Sense Goddess

Green Jade- Imperial Empress- Good luck! and long life- is the theme for the Green Jade Imperial Goddess, conferring immortality, beauty, and harmony. The Imperial Goddess will inspire well-being, creativity and prosperity.