The Inspiration WindWater Collection


Capture the Living Spirit of nature, hear the splash of water, the stillness of space, the rustling of trees in the wind. Transcend.


“My WindWater Collection is inspired by my spiritual journey through the sacred images of nature depicted in the philosophy of Feng Shui, based upon the teachings of the I Ching. The essences of WindWater captures the emotion and atmosphere of the Imperial Mountain’s, Waters and Wind. I offer jewelry designs that capture the beauty I found upon my personal journeys in the Far East. The Black Diamonds represent the steppingstones I beheld in the mountain streams as I walked with my Master, to learn the most valuable lessons of my life.”


—Grandmaster Shashona, 2022


The WindWater Collections evoke a sanctuary of Peace, Patience, and Harmony. My art is inspired to maintain the same meditative qualities upon wearing—a reminder of dreams, desires, and wishes to keep the wearer on course towards personal happiness—dreams to come true.


WindWater Beauty Ritual- Hand Yoga


Create the life of your dreams-- by the power of “Coin Wishes”


WindWater are nature's ultimate contradiction-- the perfect balance denoting opposites.

Both are elements of strength and when combined create inner calm, harmony, and beauty.


*The Wind Collection- Take flight to soar! With outer radiance and beauty

*The Water Collection- Go with the flow, serene & calm-- Inner beauty chamber of contentment.

When you Wish Upon the Coin

A symbol of Protection and Abundance


Grandmaster Shashona identifies the world, employing exotic designs that echo the iconic style of the East fused with the glamour of the most classic stars of Hollywood's ‘Golden Era’, evoking Beauty with glamour Redefined. The coin is charged with emotion and expressionistic effects to capture the Living “Spirit” of nature. The Black Diamonds vibrate with all elements, unifying life and beauty-- in one breath.