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4000 BC
Feng Shui was Born in Banpo, China
1600 BC
Traditional Chinese Medicine Began
Grandmaster Shashona introduces WindWater™

Bringing 6,000 Years of Asian Science to the West

It’s a little known fact, that the practice of Feng Shui inspired Traditional Chnese medicine, the holistic practice of medicine that includes Acupuncture and Healing Herbs, respected all over the world. So our approach to wellness—and the origins of medicine itself—can trace its roots back to the ancient principles of the Asian Science known as Feng Shui.

Meet Grandmaster Shashona

Grandmaster is the World’s Leading Authority on Feng Shui and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) for modern living, and is the only female Grandmaster to have received this revered certification.

Uniquely qualified to bring 6,000 years of Ancient Science to Modern Wellbeing

“An extraordinary truth, that has mostly been lost to the ages, and has been Western-washed…” as Grandmaster Shashona, a New Yorker by birth, likes to say.


“Because of so many factors, the true origins of medical thinking have been lost. Mostly because the western approach is taught rigorously in universities, it has come to dominate our understanding of human wellness. So much has simply been lost, and this is the focus of my life’s work. To bring the entire circle of healing knowledge to modern living. And to redefine luxury as something to be embraced and enjoyed as part of daily life. Not something that is too

precious, and only available to the few.”


Grandmaster continues, “It drives me crazy when someone is prescribed a pill, or even worse, told to move their sofa to the other side of the room to invite prosperity into their lives—when the underlying issue is their own internal balance.” “I founded WindWater to ensure that none of this ancient wisdom gets lost, or altered by well-meaning but uninformed practitioners, and the various Institutes that have been popping up to serve the expanded consciousness of

modern consumers.”