“Jewelry with Soul”


“Shashona’s colors are color of spirit”

– Andy Warhol

“Did we talk! I didn’t know what color and fashions tell us about celebrities until Shashona and I had fun on my show.”

– Joan Rivers

“Wearing Shashona’s bracelets brings positive higher intentions, especially in these hectic uneasy times.”

– Susan Sarandon

Simons’s secret to success is out! “Clear negativity and make room for well-deserved blessings.”

– Simon Cowell

The Higher the Vibe “Thank you for being an amazing human!”

– Telli Swift

“Ooh la la! Love love love!”

– Beverly Johnson

“Style Flash-that’s my psychosis.”

– Sheryl Crowe

“My smiles are the Seal of approval for Shashona’s bling.”

– Annette Benning

“Thank you Shashona for the fun styling and jewelry you design!”

– Julie Chen Moonves

“Shashona highlight my cheekbones with statement earrings.”

– India Graham

“A scene stealer on SNL dons Shashona’s Love Wing necklace!”

– Melissa McCarthy

“Athena Goddess bracelet”


“Shashona’s jewelry-still crushing it.”

– Alicia Silverstone

“A twist for your wrist Shashona’s Aphrodite Goddess bracelet.”


Star on ‘Arrow’ hits fashion bullseye with Shashona’s gemstones!

– Katie Cassidy

“Secrets revealed Shashona’s jewelry steals the spotlight.”

– Tamara and Kelly on RHOC

“Shashona’s sizzling looks-are Rita Wilson’s beauty secrets.”

– Rita Wilson