Capturing a moment

Gilded Frame ; Artisan “PopArt” Jewels

In a world adorned with the opulence of ancient Greece and Rome, I embarked the intersection of ancient influences with Pop Art Glamour.

My creative journey to blend timeless traditions and influences with a touch of moderne allure to my arts and designs in the rich cultural tapestry of history.

Often I drew inspiration from the grandeur and grace of the ancient Greek and Roman civilizations .I often sought to immortalize iconic goddesses with my exquisite jewelry collections of gold and silver, blending intricate Black Diamonds gemstones which become my hallmark , capturing the mystique of the Goddesses classical aesthetics.

My Goddess collections tell a rich story, a tapestry where antiquity merge with contemporary charm.

The juxtaposition of ancient motifs with glamorous designs have created my unique narrative of timelessness and re-invention .

Jewelry is a symbol of individuality

allowing each wearer to connect with their personal stories while drawing inspiration from the vibrant triumphs of the past ,Goddesses.

Jewels and Fashion became an integral part of the 80s and of course the A listers .. the Jetsetter . The fashionable scene,often embraced the extravagant lifestyle and flamboyant aesthetics that defined this colorful decade.

I melded into each goddess collection the glamour and spirit of this magical pop-art era .From the flickering glow of ancient candlelight feasts ,to the sparkling lights of today’s modern-day metropolis my jewelry embodies the essences of this versatile glamour.

As time marches forward to this present day, my arts have evolved seamlessly ,blending the grandeur of ancient civilizations with modern glamour and fashion of today.My pieces are found on the red carpets celebs glimmering under the flash of paparazzi cameras, and adorning the necks and wrists of the fashion forward trendsetters Jewels became an integral part of the 80s fashion scene , to embrace the extravagant and jewels defined this decade!

I often found myself immersed in the vibrant arts scene of the 1980s surrounded by the energy of the fate and the arts .Art and fate took my hand and weaved a new chapter in my life. I met the legendary pop artist, Andy Warhol painted my portrait at the infamous Factory .

Today my stories are whispered among fashion enthusiast, art connoisseur, and dreamers. My jewels are intertwined with the Greek, Roman influence, and theSilk Road I have traveled . The factory , Warhol allure of 80s enriched my eternal with history and personal expression, my salute to Andy , the artist to the Goddess that resides within.


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