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Meet The Artist, behind the Art

Tutus Tiaras & Jewels

Lovely to meet you. Let me introduce myself, I am GrandMaster Shashona, a New York based artist currently   residing in Ca. l create jewels with nature-based artwork, inspired by the PopArtist Andy Warhol. His mentorship and meeting at the infamous Factory, inner landscape changed my world forever.

I have been influenced to creating art my whole life. From my Mother’s love of glamour and my GrandMother passion for jewels and arts Art will always be my first love. It has never been just a hobby or a career, but a calling for my life.

My body of work is curated by Asian aesthetics   Cultural fusion and Dance.From art student at Professional Children’s School to performing in the infamous West Side Story movie, dancing was my maquette to the arts and performance.

I remember donning my tutu and tiara to perform. The costumes colorful   palette of jewels added a touch of gilded beauty, with gems vibrant colors are images that captured my soul. When Art and Jewels meet the result is pure magic!

Join Me On This Artistic Journey –Glamour Creations I believe in the power of Art to elevate every moment. I invite you to join me on this journey, were Jewels and  Art meet together , into a masterpiece.

Jewels For A Cause

I create, to leave a little piece of my heart and passion in this world. Sharing art is a joy, my dream, in the world.

Tutus Tiaras and Jewels supports the creative flow. Andy Warhol often stated – What is inside, should be outside. I agree, together we can support our Children to express within. I love finding an artful way, each of my drawings brings to life my love of soul -soft sculptures mixed with a kaleidoscope of colors to share this beautiful world, dance in life!